Information regarding your package holiday

Form for provision of information for travellers undertaking a package holiday
According to § 651a of the German civil code

The combination of services offered to you is considered a package holiday in accordance with the EU regulation 2015/2302.

Hence, you can avail yourself of all EU rights applicable for package holidays. The business Best-BikeTours GmbH carries full responsibility for the proper completion of the entire package holiday.

Furthermore, the business Best-BikeTours GmbH is in possession of all legally required insurance policies necessary for the repayment of your payments and, if transits are included in the package holiday, to ensure repatriation in the case of insolvency.

Most important rights according to EU regulation 2015/2302

  • Travellers will receive all relevant information regarding the package holiday prior to signing the travel holiday contract.
  • At least one business is liable for the orderly delivery of services included in the contract.
  • All travellers will receive an emergency phone number or emergency contact details which can be used to contact the tour operator or the travel agent.
  • Travellers can transfer their package holiday onto a different person within a reasonable time period and potentially for an additional fee.
  • The price of the package holiday can only be increased if certain costs (e.g. fuel costs) rise and this is explicitly provisioned for in the contract. In any case, this has to be undertaken at the latest 20 days before the start of the package holiday. If price increases exceed 8% of the original package holiday price, the traveller has the option of opting out of the contract. If the tour operator includes a provision for increasing prices, the traveller has a right to a price reduction if relevant associated costs decrease.
  • Travellers can opt out of the contract without having to pay a termination fee and receive a full refund of all payments tendered if any of the essential elements, with the exception of its price, is significantly changed. If the business responsible for the package holiday cancels the package holiday prior to its commencement, travellers have a right to a full refund, and, in certain cases, compensation.
  • Travellers have the right to opt out of the package holiday contract prior to the start of their package holiday, if extraordinary circumstances which are likely to compromise the carrying out of the package holiday, such as severe security concerns in the destination region, are present.
  • Furthermore, travellers have the right to withdraw from the contract at any time prior to commencement of the package holiday for the payment of an appropriate and reasonable withdrawal fee.
  • If certain essential components of the package holiday cannot be delivered as agreed upon after the start of the package holiday, the traveller is entitled to appropriate alternative provisions without additional payment on the side of the traveller. The traveller can withdraw from the contract without the need of paying a cancellation fee (termination), if certain components are not delivered as agreed upon in the contract and this results in significant consequences on the delivery of contractually agreed services included in the package holiday, and the tour operator fails to implement sufficient corrective actions.
  • The traveller is entitled to a reduction in price and/or payment of damages if the certain deliverables/components agreed upon in the contract are not properly produced.
  • The tour operator is to give the traveller assistance if he/she finds him/herself in difficulties.
  • In the case of insolvency/bankruptcy of the tour operator (or, in some member states, the travel agent), payments are to be refunded. If the insolvency/bankruptcy of the tour operator (or, if applicable, travel agent) occurs after commencement of the package holiday, and transportation is a component of the package holiday, repatriation of travellers will be guaranteed. Best-BikeTours GmbH has obtained an insolvency insurance policy with R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG. Travellers can contact R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG (Raiffeisenplatz 1, 65189 Wiesbaden, Germany, +49 611 533 5859, if they are denied services because of the insolvency/bankruptcy of Best-BikeTours GmbH.

Please see this website for further details on how EU regulation 2015/2302 is implemented into German law:

In case of doubt or uncertainty, relevant German laws apply.