The situation in Europe has visibly eased with increasing vaccination progress, smaller waves of infection quickly subside again, but show that Corona is now part of our lives.
At the moment there are hardly any restrictions in Central Europe, neither for border crossings, overnight stays, restaurants etc.. An exception is still the mask obligation in the public traffic in Germany and in Vienna, while in all other countries the traffic functions also without mask and Corona outbreak.

(If you find this nonsensical, please write politely worded emails to: and

This means that there are no longer any restrictions on booking a trip for all bike & hotel tours. Shipping companies and ship agencies have to plan a bit more carefully, because the damage would be greater in case of a restriction. Here is currently valid:
- Netherlands and Germany:
no restrictions, test planned at embarkation for some ships
- Poland, Croatia, France, Italy
no restrictions
- Danube countries
very different:
MS Primadonna: vaccinated and/or recovered planned
MS Vivienne, MS Swiss Crown: no restrictions planned
MS Prinzessin Katharina, MS SE-Manon: test planned at embarkation

Please note:
States can change the rules at any time and at short notice. Unlike in the past, the Corona pandemic is no longer a surprising and unpredictable event, but can be planned. Thus, the risk of not being able to start a trip is transferred to the guest, and the general cancellation conditions apply again. For vaccinated/vaccinated persons there are no problems, here at most a test obligation would be added. For the unvaccinated, however, it could become problematic if vaccination were again required.
Mask obligation and test obligation are by the way annoying, but reasonable and no reason for a free travel return.

Of course, the following still applies:
You can always cancel a trip, but only free of charge under certain conditions, which have evolved since 2020:

Basic principle:
A trip is not feasible or reasonable due to exceptional circumstances at the holiday destination.

A cancellation free of charge is therefore possible in these cases:
- The guest's country of origin issues a travel warning for the holiday region
- The holiday destination classifies the region of origin as a risk area
- Travel to the holiday destination is not possible due to government measures (border closures)
- The trip is unreasonable (quarantine obligation on arrival or return)

Important: these reasons must apply to the individual start of the trip. In practice, a period of 3-5 weeks before the start of the trip has been established for the determination.

In these cases, we will reverse the trip and refund the payment made. Of course, we will also be happy to make you an offer for a rebooking to another date/region or a travel voucher.

As a tour operator, we can be a little more accommodating when it comes to hotel trips, hotel rooms can be filled up again more quickly. With boat trips there are mainly external costs from shipping companies or ship agencies which we have to pass on.

You can learn more about the development of the pandemic here:

Federal Foreign Office (Germany) & Robert Koch Institute

Bundesamt für Gesundheit

Bundesministerium für Gesundheit

Interesting facts from third party:
The coronavirus is new, the legal regulations concerning travel law are therefore partly unclear. The Centre for European Consumer Protection has produced a good summary.

According to current knowledge, the virus is not particularly contagious even with the new mutations (e.g. compared to measles) and far less dangerous than many pathogens, that people in other regions have to deal with. Therefore: Caution yes - panic no.

We keep this page up-to-date.